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    Around Ages 6 to 10

    Teaching Martial Arts with a Commitment to Excellence and with Pure Spirit

    An exceptional number of our school-age students excel in school. In fact, the majority of these students who have practiced with us for two years or more have become “straight-A” students. Many, while certainly capable, were not operating at that level in school when they initially began their martial arts practice with us here at Asheville Sun Soo. This academic progress is happening without us doing school work on the mat. What we are doing however, is practicing focusing, being disciplined, setting goals and following through to achieve them — and all with attention to detail and an aspiration for excellence. Those qualities applied to school, and everywhere else, create great results.

    Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts has been consistently voted #1 in the Mountain Xpress “Best of WNC” year after year as we continue to lead the industry in technical and professional standards, commitment to excellence and continually evolving innovations in teaching and personal development methods.  At Asheville Sun Soo, our Kids classes serve mostly elementary school-aged kids in a high-energy, disciplined, focused, structured and intelligent environment that is rigorous, inclusive and fun! Our kids karate classes are led by several highly educated and exceptionally trained, professional adult instructors who dedicate their full-time profession to developing students through our traditional martial arts practice. Kids classes at Asheville Sun Soo are widely known for their unparalleled instructor-to-student ratios, exceptionally high skill standards, with a constant eye towards developing the whole person to be their best self!

    Much More than an Asheville After School Activity: Build Character, Discipline, Confidence and Focus in Children

    Many parents call us looking to find “extra-curricular activities” for their children in Asheville. Parents quickly find that our classes offer much more than a typical “after school activity.”  We offer a true “martial arts practice” instead!

    In addition to teaching excellent martial arts skills, our Kids classes develop high moral character, discipline and focus, cooperation and contribution, self-confidence and an overall commitment to excellence that resonates in every area of life as they cultivate successful life skills.

    Kids classes at Asheville Sun Soo are classified according to skill level – Kids Beginner Rank classes, Kids Intermediate Rank classes, Kids Advanced Rank classes – allowing the curriculum for each to be specific and appropriate to the students in each class. All of Asheville Sun Soo’s full time adult instructors rotate as lead instructor in our Kids classes, with over one-third being led by 8th degree founder and resident Grandmaster Instructor Tony Morris.

    “The overwhelming majority of our younger students, who have been practicing with us for two years or more, have become straight-A students in school.”

    Tony Morris
    Founder and Grandmaster Instructor

    Kids Beginner Martial Arts Classes

    This highly structured and organized class is for White and White-Yellow Belts. These are kids early in their practice, with no prior experience. They are learning traditional Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate). We believe in laying a great foundation, which is why Kids Beginner class is all about groundwork and fundamentals for an effective and impactful martial arts practice. Kids Beginner class puts extra emphasis on respect and great social skills, excellent manners, the ability to focus, and developing good body habits for mechanically sound martial arts movements. We focus our attention on each Beginner Kid to ensure they are learning well and developing the confidence to be a martial artist. On top of all of this, we are having FUN!

    As an additional layer of support to the Kids Beginner students, we offer 2 opportunities for additional help to White Belt kids. These 20 minute sessions are taught by a variety of our instructors. These Monday and Thursday sessions are immediately following the Kids Beginner Class. Please feel free to attend either of these sessions as a supplement to your regular class schedule.


    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday




    Monday 5:20-5:40pm

    Kids Intermediate Martial Arts Classes

    Kids Intermediate builds on the solid foundation already established through the Kids Beginner class. This class is for our next four belt ranks: Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green and Green-Blue. With fundamentals in place, our Intermediate kids begin to expand their skill-set while simultaneously refining their early skills. Progress continues in all areas during these middle ranks as our kids build their identities as capable, confident, kind and responsible martial artists, all the while moving toward eventual graduation to the Kids Advanced classes.


    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday



    Kids Advanced Martial Arts Classes

    Kids Advanced classes include Blue Belts and above. By this point, students have been practicing a minimum of one year and have made tremendous progress since their start as White Belts.  Well established as “martial artists” at this stage in their practice, our Advanced Kids are excellent students in school, high-functioning family members, leaders among their peers, and skillful martial artists. In this class, students continue to delve deeper into all areas of self-development, while expanding their skill set as Tae Kwon Do practitioners. Our Advanced students take their practice seriously and have established it as a foundation upon which to support success in all areas of their lives as they aim toward entering the Black Belt ranks!


    Monday, Tuesday and Thursday