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    With a Commitment to Excellence and with Pure Spirit

    Transformational Personal Development Through Martial Arts


    We strive to develop the whole person in every class – challenging the mind with a call to presence, focus and attention to detail, building the body with rigor, capacity and skill – and lifting the spirit with inspiration in an atmosphere that builds the highest character. Our interactive vehicle for this is our robust offering of class types across our more than 40 class offerings each week – starting as young as 3 years old and continuing through senior adults in their 70’s, including classes in which your entire family can practice together.

    All of our classes are led by expertly-trained, exceptionally-skilled, and highly-educated, internationally certified, adult instructors.  Our full-time professional instructors are inspiring members of our local community and enthusiastically maintain a practice themselves through multiple classes per week – as examples to our students – constantly striving for higher levels in all areas of our lives.

    Classes for All Ages and Skills

    Preschool Martial Arts Classes

    Preschool-aged kids (3-5) in a playful yet structured and disciplined environment. When preschoolers engage in the martial arts environment here at Asheville Sun Soo, they learn manners, physical rigor and capacity, listening skills, and more.

    Kids Martial Arts Classes

    Mostly elementary school-aged kids in a high-energy, disciplined, focused, structured and intelligent environment that is rigorous, inclusive and fun.

    Teen Martial Arts Classes

    Middle school and high school-aged students. Fast paced and challenging, emphasis is placed on excellence, leadership and a commitment to successful habits, both currently and ongoing.

    Adult & Family Martial Arts Classes

    A family-friendly atmosphere to serve our extensive adult population while also providing opportunities for entire families to practice together – combining “family time” and “fitness time” together at the same time!

    Advanced Classes

    As our students enter the black belt ranks, we provide classes and curriculum for them to eventually reach master levels of practice. These black-belt-only classes, and the corresponding curriculum and culture, we call Masters Club.

    Jujitsu Classes

    In addition to a comprehensive Traditional Tae Kwon Do curriculum supported by a sub-curriculum of Hapkido, Asheville Sun Soo also offers a parallel Danzan Ryu Jujitsu curriculum with emphasis on falling, rolling, sweeping, throwing, escapes and submissions.