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    Mighty Tigers – Children Ages 3 to 5 Years-Old

    Mighty Tigers Classes

    At Asheville Sun Soo, our Mighty Tiger classes serve preschool-aged kids (3-5) in a playful yet structured and disciplined environment. We find that parents are often looking for “activities” for preschool-aged toddlers or after school “activities” for kindergartners. Our classes at Sun Soo are much more than an “activity” for toddlers. Instead, they begin to lay the groundwork for the experience of having a “practice,” and one that is fundamental to every part of life. These classes offer significant opportunities for toddlers to learn life skills and begin to give definition to their identity based on sound and grounded principles, helping them grow in the most critical areas for kids at this age.

    Much More than Another Fun Activity: Develop Focus, Confidence and Manners in Young Children

    Finding classes for 3 year-olds and 4 year-olds that are not in the typical “mommy and me” format is a difficult task. In the Mighty Tigers/Mighty Lions class, emphasis is placed on helping our pre-school-age students develop in a well-rounded manner: socially – with excellent manners, taking initiative, and being a contribution; physically – with balance, coordination, reflex development, and left/right distinction; emotionally – with emphasis on personal responsibility; mentally, with attention to detail, listening skills, and the ability to focus; and in the early stages of self defense, by learning to distinguish between healthy and harmful situations, and how to get away from danger.

    Most of our pre-schoolers in the Mighty Tigers/Mighty Lions class develop so well in this program that they graduate to the Kids Beginner classes and are able to continue a long and fruitful practice built on their excellent Mighty Tiger/Mighty Lion foundation. Our Mighty Tiger/Mighty Lion classes have superb teaching ratios and are taught by our entire instruction team, exposing your child to a wide variety of intructors and diversity of teaching methods.


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