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    Middle School and High School Ages 11-17

    Teaching Martial Arts with a Commitment to Excellence and with Pure Spirit

    At Asheville Sun Soo, our teens practice mostly in Adult/Family mixed rank classes, which are about 2/3 adults.  We have our teens practice with our adult students because we respect where they are headed in life, so we do not hold them small by having them in “kids classes.” 

    In addition to practicing with our adult students, we also give our teens a once-a-week, teen-only experience in our “Teen-Only” classes.  Our Teen-Only classes serve our middle school and high school-aged students in a high energy, rigorous and socially aware environment. These classes are designed to help our teens become even more excellent students by giving them an opportunity to come together among their peers to push each other to practice diligently to be the best they can be. Many parents come to us wanting a regular activity for their teenagers to do in the summer and school year to keep them focused and productive. Once they find us, they realize the extensive benefits their teen receives by practicing here. Much more than the “activity” they thought they were looking for, they find instead, a fast paced and challenging “practice.”  As part of this, the Teen-Only class recognizes the unique opportunities for development and inspiration available during the teen years. Emphasis is placed on excellence, leadership and a commitment to successful habits, both currently and ongoing. At Asheville Sun Soo, our teens discover the amazing breadth of their potential and acquire skills to realize that potential within their respective selves, as well as develop the leadership and inspirational skills to stimulate others to do the same.

    At Asheville Sun Soo, our teens develop excellent character and become examples among their peers as respectful and contributing citizens in the community and accomplished martial artists. Academically, the overwhelming majority of our teens who have practiced with us for at least two years have become straight-A students.  Socially and emotionally, they become clear and confident in their identity and less subject to peer pressure.  And physically, they become super fit, establishing a baseline of rigor, supportive of a lifetime of healthy living.

    Teen Mixed Rank Classes

    The Teen Only Class at Asheville Sun Soo is a unique and inspiring experience! And while we expect our teens to do most of their classes in Adult/Mixed Rank classes, once a week, we give the teens in our school (ages 10-17) an opportunity to have an experience without younger kids or older adults – just teens – in the Teen Only Class! In this fast-paced and high-energy environment, our teens are able to push each other by competing with their own potential, while using the mutual presence of their fellow teen practitioners as cooperative inspiration to be their best. Additionally, this class is an excellent and effective venue by which our teens get to know each other even better, sharing this experience and creating great friendships in the process. Lastly, this is the only class on the Asheville Sun Soo class schedule that is not lead-taught by an adult instructor. This class is taught by a teen – currently a rotation of four teens – all of whom are 3rd degree black belts and all of whom started their respective practices at either six or seven years old and having practiced non-stop to their current respective ages of 17. Each of them are “straight-A” students, amazing athletes, excellent martial artists, well-mannered, mature for their age and clear in their identity, serving as excellent mentors for all!


    Friday 5:10-5:50pm